What's Up with Microsoft's Rumored Surface Mini Tablet?

Paul Lilly

Don't hold your breath waiting for a smaller size Surface tablet

Leading up to the launch of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, there were several rumors suggesting the Redmond company was planning to announce a Surface Mini tablet during the press event. Even Microsoft teased such an unveiling by inviting members of the press to a "small gathering" on May 20. Instead, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Mini is still nowhere to be seen. That might not change any time soon .

According to Digitimes and its sources entrenched in the upstream supply chain, Microsoft has called off plans to mass produce the Surface Mini. Microsoft is reportedly hesitant to jump into the highly competitive small-size tablet market where there's a flurry of products, including Amazon's Kindle Fire line, Google's Nexus 7, and Samsung's Galaxy Tab line, to name just a few.

The Surface Mini was rumored to sport a 7.5-inch to 8-inch display powered by an ARM processor. It would come with OneNote and Windows RT 8.1, but nothing really exciting to make it stand out among all the other similar sized tablets available.

While the Surface Mini was never announced, there was at least one third-party company that began selling Surface Mini cases on Amazon. Interestingly, the listing is still on Amazon , though the accompanying picture appears to show the cover wrapping around Lenovo's ThinkPad 8 tablet.

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