What's Happening with BFG Tech?

Paul Lilly

Things are looking pretty bleak over at BFG. In mid-May, the enthusiast company announced it was bowing out of the graphics card business, a sector it admitted was "no longer profitable" for them, and vowed to "continue to provide our award-winning power supplies and gaming systems," as well as work on a few new products.

The situation might be more dire than BFG let on. While we haven't heard anything official, HardOCP says its been hearing that BFG went and nixed its power supply division.

"We are being told this morning by sources inside BFG Tech that its 'PSU department' has been let go," HardOCP writes . "I would suggest that if you have a BFG card that needs to be RMA'd, you need to get that done ASAFP. We do not see the company being 'in business' much longer as it is reported that all its remaining inventory has been moved."

Again we should stress that BFG hasn't released any official statements, but if true, this will rank as a dark day for power users who were/are fans of the BFG brand. Made up of enthusiasts themselves, BFG was one of the few companies which guaranteed their videocards with lifetime warranties, a backing which also applied to some of its PSUs.

Image Credit: BFG

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