What Will Happen to Vista after Microsoft Launches Windows 7?


Everyone seems excited about the upcoming launch of Windows 7, and with good reason. By many accounts -- speed being the primary one -- Windows 7 is what Vista should have been all along. So where, then, does that leave Vista once Windows 7 starts shipping?

"We are still not sure if [computer makers] will be able to ship Vista once Windows 7 is made available," said Richard Francis , general manager and Windows client business group lead at Microsoft Asia-Pacific. "Having said that, an enterprise customer that purchases a PC with Windows 7 pre-installed is allowed to downgrade to Vista should they desire, similar to what we have today on Vista to XP."

Francis went on to reiterate that Microsoft will stop support for Vista in April 2012. And it's probably a safe bet that Vista won't see anywhere near the same user outcry that XP saw, which helped the OS avoid a stay of execution more than once. After stumbling out of the gates with performance hampering bugs, most are looking forward to moving on.

"It's been a long time since we've had a version of Windows that will actually run better [than a previous version] on the hardware that most customers have," Mike Nash, corporate vice president of the Windows product management group at Microsoft, told reporter s during a conference call.

Windows 7 recently went into Release Candidate (RC) form and will be available to the general public for download tomorrow, May 5th.

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