What the Facebook? Shares of the Popular Social Playground Slide Below IPO Price

Paul Lilly

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg tied the knot over the weekend, marrying his sweetheart of more than 9 years, and hopefully his marriage doesn't sputter the way Facebook's initial public offering (IPO) has. On just its second day of trading, the world's largest social playground saw its shares dip below its IPO price of $38 on Monday, a bad sign for those who thought pouring a ton of money into Facebook at the outset would lead to easy riches.

A report in The Wall Street Journal noticed the poor pre-market trading price, which at the time of this writing had dipped to around $35 per share, down around 8.45 percent. It's hard to tell what will happen as the day goes on, but it's conceivable that Facebook's stock price could end up closing below its $38 IPO price.

Facebook investors aren't the only ones paying the price, so to speak. The disappointing debut seems to have affected other online and social stocks, including Zynga (down 6.7 percent in pre-market trading), Groupon (down 3.89 percent), LinkedIn (down 3.55 percent), and Pandora (down 2.76 percent).

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