What Does the Future Hold for Firewire?

Paul Lilly

Firewire's long-term prognosis isn't looking very good at the moment. It's no longer uncommon for motherboards to ship without a Firewire port on the rear I/O panel, and though most mobos support the spec internally, you're now more likely to find an eSATA port integrated into your case than a Firewire port.

But the most damning piece of evidence that Firewire might be on its way out is a leaked Windows 8 slide indicating that Microsoft's next OS will sport better support for USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0, but makes no mention of Firewire whatsoever. You might recall that Apple created quite a stink a couple of years ago when the Cupertino company dropped Firewire support from its MacBook line, but would Microsoft see the same kind of backlash if it were to drop Firewire when Windows 8 ships?

Firewire remains popular in the video and audio industries where users are quick to point out the faster transfer rates when compared to USB 2.0. But with USB 3.0 starting to take hold, the tide may be turning in its favor.

Are you ready to let go of Firewire, or should Microsoft continue to support the interface in Windows 8?

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