What Do Your Gadgets Actually Cost To Build?

Maximum PC Staff

Being a PC enthusiast and a gadget nerd go pretty much hand in hand, but have you ever wondered what it actually cost the manufacturers to assemble your army of iPod's and book reader's? Well wonder no longer because marketing research group iSuppli and Business Week have teamed up to tear down over 25 popular gadgets and have come up with what they consider a pretty accurate ball park picture of the manufacturing costs. Some of the results appear to be a bit out of date, particularly when it comes to the consoles, but it still gives a pretty good overview of how much money each product is raking in.

As you would expect most gaming consoles continue to sell at a loss, but many of the popular new smart phones actually make a fair bit of money when you factor in the kickbacks they probably get from the carriers. You can check out the full article to read about all 25 of the gadgets from the tear down, or review our sampling below for some of the more interesting snippets to save you time.

Apple iPad $499 MSRP - $219.35 Cost
Amazon Kindle $259 MSRP - $185.49 Cost

Apple iPhone 3GS $199 With Contract - $176.16
Google Nexus One $179 With Contract - $174 Cost
Motorola Droid $199 With Contract - $185 Cost
Palm Pre $200 With Contract - $137.83 Cost
Blackberry Bold $300 With Contract - $169.41 Cost

Microsoft Xbox 360 $399 MSRP - $470 Cost
Sony Playstation 3 60GB $599 MSRP - $840 Cost

Any of these prices surprise you?

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