We've Been Busy

Nathan Edwards

Instead of my normal rant about Vista or kvetching about DRM, I’m going to use this space to tell you about something the staff at Maximum PC has been working on for the last five months. We’ve redesigned and relaunched MaximumPC.com—and it kicks serious ass.

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the site is a complete redesign. By my count, this is the sixth major overhaul of MaximumPC.com since we launched the magazine way back in 1998. Before we embarked on this project, I spent a long time on Archive.org, studying our old designs to see what we should keep and what we should leave behind. Beyond the obvious beautification project, we’ve made a ton of deep-down structural changes—stuff that makes it simple for us to bring you the type of no-holds-barred content you expect from Maximum PC.

Rest assured we’ve kept everything that was already awesome about the site. We’ve got the magazine archive, the “Best of the Best” section, and yes, the forums—in all their garrulous glory. But wait, there’s more! We’ve also added a ton of great new features. For one, there are the editors’ blogs. Each editor has a dedicated section to share whatever’s on his or her mind. We’ll let you know what we’re interested in and what we’re testing, as well as pass along nifty how-to projects we come up with—every day of the week.

We’ve also opened up the blog section of our website to a few select members of our community—“super readers” who have some unique or interesting knowledge to share with you. You can expect them to talk about all sorts of cool stuff—from modding to the latest Windows news to games. Expect lots of rowdy, no BS coverage of everything you need to know about—delivered weeks before you’d read about it in the magazine.

And while I’m in Official Maximum PC Shill mode, I should introduce the No BS podcast. Every Friday, we run a round-table discussion of the week’s news, provide updates on our product tests, give away fabulous prizes, and answer reader questions (send them to maximumpcpodcast@gmail.com). The podcast also includes Gordon’s Rant of the Week, a listener favorite that really should be heard to be appreciated.

I’m really excited about the new site, and I hope you will be too. Feel free to swing by, dig into the editors’ blogs, read a few features, and then let me know what you think by posting in the comments or our forums.

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