Westinghouse Announces Super Slim 46-Inch LED HDTV

Paul Lilly

Here's something a little different - a new HDTV that isn't 3D capable. We'll let you decide whether that's a good or bad thing, but what Westinghouse's new 46-inch LD-4655 LED HDTV does have going for it is a thin profile.

"Our new LD-4655 hits a perfect sweet spot for home theater lovers," says Rey Roque, Westinghouse's VP of Marketing. "Its low profile lets it stand or mount seamlessly in any sized room, but at the same time, its generous 46-inch screen gives consumers the big picture feel that's so vital to a true home theater experience. It's very exciting for us be to able to offer this kind of styling and performance at such an accessible price point."

Roque says the LD-4655 will go on sale later this month for $900. That buys you a 46-inch panel in a super thin form factor measuring 1.7 inches for the screen and just over 2 inches for its high-gloss black bezel. Other features include edge-lit LED technology, 120Hz refresh rate, 6.5ms response time, audio chip and tuning by Yamaha, and low energy consumption (80W normal, 1W in standby).

Image Credit: Westinghouse

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