Western Digital My Book Duo 2-Bay DAS Now Available in 12TB Flavor



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I like NAS4Free myself, the former FreeNAS. Its lightweight, more flexible, and integrates with AD. Plus you can simply change drives if desired and make sure to get an Intel NIC. I also like the fact its built on BSD. Once you have it setup, just login to enable other services if needed and you're good to go. Now of course this means no portability, but you can always FTP into it if needed or even enable the web server.



Built my own NAS to save money after recognizing that NAS is just another freaking computer and you just gotta configure the networks to it.

Case - DF-85
Mobo - ASROCK H87M
CPU - Pentium Haswell (DC) @ 2.8Ghz
RAM - G.Skill 1600Mhz (11-11-11-28) 4GB
Main HDD - WD Raptor 10K 150GB
HDDs - WD 4TB Reds (2 at the moment)
Addon - Some SATA II card that connects up to 4 SATA

Will be expanding this up to 6 HDDs with WD 4TB Reds.

Not to mention that transferring files to and from my NAS uses maximum speed from between my computer and NAS. More or so, I wonder what that thing which is posted here has - the real specs, not some "cool looking" specs. NAS is just another computer, man. So you guys do yourselves a favor and build your own NAS. Cheaper, faster, stronger, more reliable.

The OS on NAS is Windows 8. Easy configuration and easily accessible. Still haven't done any RAIDS on it. The motherboard and the addon both support RAID functions but haven't touched those yet.