Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB



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 Why didn't they compaire this to the Spinpoint F3? 


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I have only 2 words to say, RAID 0!   ;-)  Or is that an acronym and a number?



The benchmark scores don't seem to add up here.

In the October issue, the Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB had benchmark speeds that match those listed in the November issue for the Patriot Torx 128GB SSD. Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB has benchmark scores that are lower than the WD Caviar Green 2TB in the October issue comparison.

Patriot Torx 128GB October Issue (205.4, 175.1, 0.11, 0.31, 674, and 21,247)

WD Caviar Green 2TB October Issue (175.1, 150.1, 0.16, 0.12, 945, 14,088)

WD Caviar Black 2TB November Issue (112.3, 112.2, 7.6, 5.0, 213.7, 6,452)

Whats's the point of the benchmarks if they are wrong? Not to mention that no one caught this mistake?

Can any of you imagine a 2TB HDD with sustained transfers of 205 and 175?



As Benchmarks points out, the comparisons between the Seagate, Caviar Green and Caviar Black don't trend right.  Even worse when comparing the values, the October 09 article looks like SSD specs FOR BOTH HDDs.  What a mess!



     Consider the following when you wonder why this drive does not have a 10.

1. The original 150gb velociraptor only achieved a 9 kick ass rating.

2. The unrevised 300gb velociraptor only achieved a 8 without a kick ass rating.

3. 10 is usualy reserved for the best of the best, so in theory, had it beaten out the velociraptor in random access times it would probably have attained a 10 perfect score the key word here is PERFECT.

keep up the good work guys... JACob



NewEgg sells the enterprise/raid RE4-GP version there WD2002FYPS there http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136365

But the  WD2003FYPS is not on their catalog yet.

The regular black caviar is there: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136456&cm_re=WD2001FASS-_-22-136-456-_-Product but is deactived.

 It would be nice if the article mentioned which one they are talking about (Caviar Black $ or RE4-GP $+ or RE4 $++ ?)

According to the picture, the WD2001FASS?




Thanks for the info..


it appears that this will take a while to be available on newegg, so I will just install W7 on a regular drive for now (what's a good cloner app for later?)



I don't know. If I have to clone drives (same size) I simply use "dd" (UNIX). Otherwise, I install from scratch. Otherwise, MPC likes http://www.runtime.org/driveimage-xml.htm is I correcly recollect.



If you want only one for a desktop or a single-drive NAS go with the WD2001FASS. If you want several for RAID go with the WD2003FYPS whose MSRP has not been published by WD yet.


 Additional Features for WD RE4 2 TB Enterprise Hard Drives
WD RE4 drives feature 1.2 million hours MTBF, Active Power Save™,
enhanced RAFF™ technology, multi-axis shock sensor, native command
queuing (NCQ), pressure sensors, third generation dynamic fly height,
time limited error recovery (TLER), and an extensive and enhanced
testing process to ensure long-term reliability for demanding
enterprise applications.

Price and Availability
The WD Caviar Black 2 TB GB (model WD2001FASS) hard drives are
available through select distributors and resellers. Manufacturer's
Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the WD Caviar Black 2 TB drive is
$299 USD. The WD RE4 2 TB (model WD2003FYYS) drive is currently being
qualified by OEMs. Both drives are covered by a five-year limited
warranty. More information about WD Caviar Black 2 TB desktop hard
drives may be found on the company's Web site at http://www.wdc.com/en/products/Products.asp?DriveID=733 and the WD RE4 2 TB enterprise hard drives at http://www.wdc.com/en/products/Products.asp?DriveID=732.





who is selling this online? I can't find it on newegg or Amazon



 with 7,200 drives meeting the speed of raptors isn't it about time for WD to revise the "speed king"?

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A new harddrive with another .5 terabytes is released every week, at some point it has to be considered unprofound that a company releases a new one.  The very fact of the matter is they could probably make HD's with 20 terabytes and 10k+ RPM but they don't because incremental speed/capacity increases net more money because of yokals who buy these things everytime they come out for the extra .5 TB space.

Of course I am speaking without facts, maybe they really do labor over getting that extra .5 TB into the drive EVERYTIME a new one is released.  Maybe they throw a huge party at the company,WE GOT ANOTHER .5TB INTO OUR DRIVE, PARTY AT 7.

It all seems reminiscent of how how Iraq has better Cell technology than America because the decision to improve networks wasn't made by a coorporation (Profit driven) but rather a military tyrant (Death to america driven)



I saw this advertised on Newegg yesterday, and I jumped over here to see what was the current favorite drive in Best of the Best...and it was the same. I didn't see the review yet but you were fast to get it out.

I currently have a Raptor (love the speed!) but the 67GB of converted movies (I'm not even half done with my DVD collection) is drying my drive up. I wanted performance AND capacity especially since most of my movies are around 2GB a peice and I load games like Unreal 3 and L4D. My DSL connection is my PING downfall, but I'm still the first one on the map 98% of the time.

Being bound to the SATA I spec isn't easy with a SATA II mobo, though most of the time the pipeline is enough for what I do but I didn't want to go backwards in speed. I also wanted it as my primary drive, not a secondary like my 250GB WD for video editing. Thanks Max PC for the great review. I'll wait a couple of months and buy it when it drops down to around $200. I'll install my full copy of Windows 7 then since the RC is still good.

Appreciate the excellent review.



I currently have a VelociRaptor as my OS drive and a 1TB Black Edition as storage drive.




Why are you storing everything on the Raptor? Geez man, go get a 1 TB drive for  $85 bucks and drop that in. Move your movies and other files you don't need on to it. You'll thank me later. The 1 TB's will be much faster than the 250, and you don't need those on your Raptor.



Since the Libraries in Windows 7 are tied into the User folder, it's easier to have the applications know to look into C:\Users\<USER>\Videos. The 250GB drive is used for video editing and compiling Blu-ray movie discs. Takes a lot of room to grab data off a high def camera, compile, and then burn it to a Blu-ray disc. Even my SD projects can be upwards of 100GB, so I need just a 'temp' work drive for it. Then I Acronis the folders and compress them to an external backup drives (one I'm working with is 1TB).

I plan on upgrading all my drives eventually. I have a Antec NINE Hundred case, so I'm not hurting for room. I'll probably get the 2TB WD as the primary with all my content loaded on it (movies, games, apps etc) and then another two 1TB drives for editing and backup purposes. Just need to start somewhere.

By the way, the file types are M4V files opening up in Media Player 12 64-bit, so the super low latency of the Raptor is seen. The 20GB AVI files I output for editing, it's more about memory than read speeds. A standard 1TB with 32MB Cache would suffice.

Thanks for the tip.



this got a 9 for having "slower than velociraptor" random writes and burst speeds?? don't think a 2Tb drive should be held to the same standards. maybe thats the label's fault.


hey, at least they didn't call it "Extreme".



I had to scroll down a while but I finally found someone who had the same thought run through their head, its a 2 TB 7200 rpm drive, whats not to love? Other than the fact that it can't beat a Velociraptor random writes... Really? I'll take the extra 1.5 TB of storage for the couple milliseconds I have to wait for it to find that long lost piece of Scrubs Season 1.


Also love the comment about how they didn't call it Extreme, made me chuckle 



I definintely think that a 2TB drive that keeps up with a VelociRaptor deserves a 10.