Western Digital's My Book Live Duo NAS Supports RAID 1 And Lives In The Cloud

Brad Chacos

If someone asked us what the most important aspect of computing was, we’d answer: back up your data! But unless you have an automated system, backing up your data is likely one of the first things to get dropped by the wayside when your schedule fills up. Western Digital’s got your back: its newly announced My Book Live Duo NAS features dual hard drives that can be placed in RAID 1 for redundancy, so your precious data lives on if one of the drives goes kaput.

Not enough for you? WD’s pushing the rig as a “personal cloud storage system” that can be accessed anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Remote access is achieved either via www.WD2go.com or with the various WD mobile apps for iOS/Android.  In the here-and-now, the My Book Live Duo includes an Ethernet port, an undisclosed 800 MHz CPU, DLNA capabilities and full support for both Windows PCs and Macs. There’s a 4TB option for $400 that sports a pair of 2TB drives, or a $500 model that includes a pair of 3TB HDDs.  By default, RAID 1 is turned off and you have access to the full storage capabilities of the My Book Live Duo; the box supports both WD SmartWare and Apple’s Timeline automatic backup in case you want to leave RAID 1 off.

Check out the product page for the full details and marketing schpiel .

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