Western Digital Rolls Out New Generation WD TV Live with Spotify

Paul Lilly

We've been duly impressed with Western Digital's media streamers, handing out high marks to both the WD TV Live and WD TV Live Hub in our reviews ( here and here ), each one faling just short of a Kick Ass award. Maybe Western Digital can get over the hump with the introduction of its next generation WD TV Live player, the first in its category to come with Spotify baked in, the company claims.

The new device sports a slightly updated look compared to its predecessor. You won't find a 1TB hard drive inside like there is with the WD TV Live Hub, or any internal storage for that matter, though WD did add 802.11n Wi-Fi and Full HD 1080p video support to the list of features. It also has two USB ports you can use to plug in your own external drives.

Western Digital doesn't appear to have skimped on its Spotify integration. Many of Spotify's popular features are included, such as being able to create and manage playlists, share songs, and subscribe to other people's playlists.

The WD TV Live is available now for $100 MSRP.

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