Western Digital Rolls Out First 2.5-inch Red Hard Drives, Expands Desktop Line to 4TB

Paul Lilly

Bigger and smaller WD Red drives now available

Western Digital today announced the expansion of its WD Red line of SATA hard drives built specifically for home and small office NAS (network attached storage) systems with one to five bays. Previously only offered in the 3.5-inch form factor, Western Digital is now offering 1TB and 750GB WD Red drives in the 2.5-inch form factor as well. In addition, the company stretched its 3.5-inch line to 4TB.

"Through dialogue with our NAS partners and customer advocacy for WD Red, we saw the need for additional capacity in the 3.5-inch form factor and delivered our new 4 TB offering," said Matt Rutledge , vice president of client storage for WD. "We also wanted to deliver a highly reliable and compatible 2.5-inch hard drive built specifically for small NAS. This small form factor enables our customers to use high capacity NAS hard drives with high performance, quiet operation and low power consumption in compact NAS enclosures. We also see an opportunity in smaller-footprint NAS systems, media players and other industrial applications. Our pride in our product and our vision is shared with our customers."

Unlike traditional hard drives, WD Red drives are tested for compatibility in NAS environments. Utilizing built-in NASware 2.0 technology, these drives are optimized for always-on, 24x7 operation and include error recovery controls, along with lower noise and vibration than regular HDDs.

The new 2.5-inch WD Red 1TB (WD10JFCX) runs $99 MSRP; the 750GB model (WD750BFCX) is priced at $79. Those opting for higher storage will find the new 4TB WD Red (WD40EFRX) priced at $229.

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