Western Digital Outguns Seagate in 2010

Paul Lilly

Western Digital and Seagate have been jockeying for the top spot in the global hard drive market, and the two swapped places in 2010. According to data provided by The Information Network, Seagate's market share dipped from 31.2 percent in 2009 to 29.9 percent in 2010, while Western Digital went from 29.6 percent to 31.4 percent in the same time frame.

Western Digital was finally able to overcome Seagate's market share lead by focusing its attention on non-desktop applications, and particularly the 2.5-inch form factor for mobile and consumer electronic (CE) devices. Seagate, meanwhile, has been focused on the desktop and enterprise markets. That's been the difference, as desktop PCs grew by 8 percent in 2010, compared to mobile PCs shooting up by 29 percent.

While not quite a deadlock for first place, less than 2 percent separate Western Digital and Seagate, both of which are far ahead of Hitachi (16.4 percent), Toshiba/Fujitsu (12.6 percent), Samsung (9.2 percent), and all the remaining players (0.8 percent).

Original Image Credit: roganjosh.co.uk

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