Web Site of the Week: Tee Magnet


You love t-shirts. I love t-shirts. We’re all geeks, and if there’s one thing that geeks love more than random Youtube vdeos, it’s t-shirts related to internet memes/awesome art/random life musings. It’s true! And that’s why this week’s web app of the week has nothing to do with software, making your life better, improving your ability to do offline activities on the web, or any of that usual freeware-related nonsense.

Nope. This week is all about your purse and/or wallet. And your general sense of fashion. There are a t-o-n ton of various sites on the Internet that you can use to purchase interesting and cool-looking duds at a relatively low price. That’s not the point here.

It's a lot harder to both find these sites and scan them all on a daily basis for new stuff to wear. And how can you be sure that what you’re buying is the best style choice for how you want to look? What if a better t-shirt exists, at a lower price, and you just didn’t realize it was out there? Waiting for you to pick it up!

Tragic, I know. But that’s where the site Tee Magnet comes into play. This awesome mash-up takes a number of the Web’s best “of the day” kinds of t-shirt sites and slaps them all onto a single, graphics-filled page. Not only can you instantly see what’s available on said sites at any given moment, but Tee Magnet also displays a live countdown for when each site’s “daily deal” will switch over. And if that’s not good enough, Tee Magnet also lists a number of coupon codes and deals for other t-shirt sites on the web.

Pretty graphics, up-to-the-second fashion information, coupons… what more could you ask for from a site that wants nothing more than to clothe your back with awesomeness?

Check it out here !

David Murphy is a former Maximum PC editor and resident “super busy guy” for a number of sites/magazines across the web/existence. He also likes to wear t-shirts on occasion.

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