Web App Visualizes Google's Search Suggestions

Maximum PC Staff

There are a lot of time-wasters on the Internet, but not all of them merely waste time. Some of them impart interesting knowledge about how the Internet is used, and what it is used for.

Google’s search engine is one place that offers loads of possible answers, and Simon Elvery devised a fun little way of digging into them for insight. His web site, whatdoyousuggest.net , shows links between search terms. In his visual rendering one search term leads to another, and, as they play out, they give some idea of the connections being made by Google search users.

The visualization also allows a look at the way language is currently being used. In the above instance the first search term is jelly. Common connections would seem to be belly, fish, or roll, and sure enough fish does have a strong link. But an even stronger link is to car. Plodding along the main search arterials, it soon becomes clear that Jelly Car is a game for the Apple iPhone, and that searchers are intent on finding cheats. (Cheats are needed for an iPhone game?)

There are other surprises in store--some that will definitely make you wonder what Google search users are thinking. If you’ve some time to kill, this might be a good place to use a few of those doomed minutes.

Image Credit: Simon Elvery

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