Web App of the Week: WebFTPer


It never fails: Someone always sends you a link to grab materials off of (or upload materials to) an FTP site the moment that you’re away from your desktop which, of course, has your favorite FTP client of choice just sitting right there in the start menu. Sure, you could manually try to connect to a FTP site via your browser or Windows explorer, but you’re kind of stuck if you want to do anything more than just download a file or two. Or two hundred.

Anyway, the web app WebFTPer is a far more elegant solution to connecting to online file repositories than what your mere browser can provide. Not only does the web app’s interface more resemble a standard FTP client, but you can perform a number of simple—yet common—functions once connected to your site of choice. Make directories, upload files (via a simple web-form tool or a Javascript-based uploading tool), and copy, move, or delete checked folders and files.

Obviously, you can download files; you can also zip up a selection of files and download or email them to yourself. And more awesomely, you can even select a directory and search through its contents for a particular file (with full wildcard support if you don’t know the file name offhand).

Can you do that via your standard web browser? Negative. It ain’t as fancy as a legitimate FTP client, but WebFTPer is a great tool if you’re in a downloading or uploading pinch. And, yes, you can manually enter different ports to connect to or connect to an FTP using passive mode or SSL as well. The list just gets bigger and bigger…

Check it out here !

Former Maximum PC Editor David Murphy has never met an FTP he didn’t like.

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