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Problem: You have a ton of awesome jams on your iTunes / Zune / Windows Media Player / multimedia organizer of choice, but you don't always use the PC that contains your ultimate rock collection.  What do you do?  There are a few answers, but all require some software setup in order for you to be able to access your music from afar.  You could use Hamachi-based networks to access a shared iTunes library; You could also set up your primary machine as a radio server, which you can then use to stream your files via an easy-to-operate, Web-based interface!

Still, that's a lot of work.  There has to be an easier solution, right?  There is.  It's called TunesBag , and it offers the same functionality you'd otherwise get by building your own Internet radio station the hard way.  Although the service is limited to one GB of music for free accounts, that's still a hefty amount of rocking out for your average listener.  And uploading, playing, and categorizing music using TunesBag's Web-based interface couldn't be easier--or faster!

Here's how it works: Sign up for the free service and you'll be given one gigabyte of space to upload music to.  You can either dump your files into your TunesBag... bag... using a Web-based upload tool or a desktop updating client that integrates nicely with iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Winamp libraries. You can also email files in if you have no other recourse for getting that song you just downloaded into your Cloud-ish library.

From there, you can create playlists of your online library and sort through songs using a number of different criteria.  It's analogous to a stripped-down version of iTunes' organizational scheme.  To play a track, just click on it.  The included player on the Web page will start blasting your music.  If you want to shuffle your tracks, just hit the randomize button.  As well, you can also search for more jams from the artist and rate the current song you're listening to all using the controls on your TunesBag page.

Simple, easy, efficient.  While it would be awesome to find a way to automatically synchronize your library with TunesBag, I'm not going to complain about a Web-based player that takes all of five minutes (plus uploading time) to set up!

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