Web App of the Week: The Printliminator


Perhaps one of the most frustrating points of owning a printer comes down to what is actually getting printed. Driving directions always end up with a few extra pages barely containing even a sentence worth of ink, rendering the single sheet of paper practically useless. Fortunately, The Printliminator helps eradicate these exasperating situations by converting any webpage into an economical, simple to print document.

The Printliminator toolbar hangs out in the top right hand corner of your browser window.

The Printliminator is a bookmarkable link that makes any webpage to print. Once you click the link, this simple tool shows up in the top right corner in your browser window with options to remove any extraneous elements from the page and irrelevant graphics for economical printing. You can select “Remove all Graphics” to quickly zap out any video previews and high-resolution color images.

We should note that this function also removes the background on some sites, which can make the text indecipherable. In this case, if you still have The Printliminator tool box available in your browser window, you can simply eradicate images, sections, and table spans from the website. Or, you can select “Apply Print Stylesheet” to simply print out a blank page with text and the occasional left over advertisement (you can also get rid of photos and table spans after selecting this mode).

This is what a page at Maximum PC looks like devoid of any layout.

So, if you’re looking to be more economical with your printer ink and are a stickler for text-only print outs, Printliminator will be sure to cut straight to the chase and take out all that is weighing down your printer.

Get the Printliminator applet here

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