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This week's Web App of the Week isn't so much for you, but your friends, family, and users. If you ever tried your hand at Web development--doesn't have to be professional, even amateur Web creation will do--you'll know that the strangest of problems can pop up in the strangest of places. A little CSS misstep here, a little HTML coding boo-boo there, and your perfectly constructed three-column layout has somehow crafted itself into a Tumblr page. And it's blinking. And it's hacking off your grandmother who just wants to see pictures of your recent family vacation.

Of course, you're going to email your somewhat-technological-savvy grandmother and ask her what the problem is. And you're then going to tell her that you don't see the problem on your own Web browser. You're going to ask her what Web browser she's using, and she's going to tell you that she has no idea. And she also won't know her operating system, her current version of Flash, or even the size of her screen. She won't be able to tell you if JavaScript is on or off and she certainly won't know how to find her own IP address no matter how many times you tell her how to work the "ipconfig" console command. There goes your remote connection option.

But that's okay. Like that one insurance advertisement featuring the guy with the soothing voice, your grandmother, user, friend, or angry forum commenter will be in good hands with the Web App Support Details . Send said person to said app, and the site will pull up an easy-to-read listing of all their Web-related statistics, including:

  • Operating System
  • Web Browser (and version)
  • IP Address
  • JavaScript status
  • Cookie status
  • Screen Resolution / Browser Size
  • Color Depth
  • Flash version

You can then instruct the user to export their details as a CSV or a PDF, or email you the statistics directly from the main screen of Support Details. While this web app might scream, "newbie," remember that not all computer users are as well-versed in tech knowledge as you and I, faithful Maximum PC reader. With Support Details, you'll never have to walk someone through the process of figuring out their configurations ever again: Just send them the site!

Every Thursday, Maximum PC picks a new Web App as its favorite of the week. Have a Web App that you can't live without? Twitter David Murphy @acererak with your latest suggestions.

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