Web App of the Week: Stereomood


I don't get super-excited over new Web apps very often--not unless said application has the words, "World," "Warcraft," or "Apple" in the title (I kid; I kid). But a new find on my Web App radar has had me rocking out all weekend long. Literally, rocking out, as said app is an awesome tool for finding new music to jam to.

I'll steer this one off at the pass: No, the Web app is not Pandora. However, it does borrow from Pandora's general setup in that it attempts to create an online playlist of songs for you to rock out to based on a common theme or classification. In this case, you don't start out with a favorite band as the first breadcrumb in your trail of match-ups. Instead, the Web app Stereomood does as its name suggests--you pick from a whopping list of emotions and, upon doing so, the service matches you up with a ton of music to listen to based on your selection.

Although you're welcome to sign up for the (free) service to maintain a library of favorite songs, one of the nicest things about Stereomood is that you're not restricted to listening to one song in its entirety before the next one will play. Your mood-themed list comes with 20 songs to jam to per page, and you're free to skip around to your heart's content: pause tracks, shuffle tracks, re-listen to tracks, skip tracks, whatever.

In short, Stereomood is an excellent application for broadening your musical horizons based on how you're feeling. It's super-customizable in how it jams files to you, with the sole caveat being that you can't, obviously, download the files you're listening to. It's a bummer, as there are indeed some really neat mash-ups on the service that are otherwise extremely difficult to acquire...

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