Web App of the Week: Remindr


Quick.  A project just came on your radar, but you've got a lot on your plate already.  You don't want to forget about a key fact or detail of what you have to do, but it's almost closing time.  Or maybe you're just lazy and don't have any of those yellow sticky notes nearby to write down the details.  Or maybe you just don't feel like logging on to your Google Calendar to create yet another reminder of whatever it is you have to accomplish.

Lots of possible scenarios, one awesome solution.  This week's featured Web app is the ultimate reminder tool for any little fact or meeting time that you need to keep on your radar.  It's extremely simple to use--in fact, it would probably take you less time to schedule yourself a little task update using this tool than it would any other software application there is, period.  It's even faster to access than Notepad.

The name of the app is (appropriately enough) Remindr .  I'd walk you through how it works, but it's pretty easy to figure out on your own.  The Web app consists of a single page.  On it, you'll want to enter the little note that you need to remind yourself of as well as the time said reminder should be sent.  Pick a platform--Twitter, email, or Jabber/Gtalk--and enter your appropriate contact details.  That's it.  The service will send you a little message wherever and whenever you specified and, hopefully, you'll be adequately reminded to perform whatever task you intended to do.

And that's really the joy of using Remindr: You don't need to edit a ton of variables or login to a third-party service.  Just type in your reminder, type in the time, and wait. No hassles, no fuss--just reminding.

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