Web App of the Week: Huffduffer


Why bookmark when you can Huff-duff?  Excellent point. Now, what the heck is a Huff-duff?  Actually, "huffduffer" is both a verb and a Web service, a word that's derived from a technology you can use to triangulate the location of radio transmissions from any given point. Huffduffer, the offshoot of "huff-duff," allows you to perform a similar-but-not-really kind of triangulation for online audio files.

Rather than helping you search for new music, podcasts, or sounds, Huffduffer is instead a platform that allows you to add these sounds into an ever-growing list that--surprise--is actually a podcast of its very own. That's a super-long way to describe what Huffduffer does, but I'm a bit apprehensive to suggest that the Web app allows you to build your own podcasts. It does, technically, but it's not as if you suddenly have a centralized service for recording, editing, tagging, and launching a radio show of your very own.

No, Huffduffer merely aggregates files you've already found on the Web into a podcast of your very own. But that's a useful featurefor a number of reasons. Suppose, for example, you find a ton of new Indie MP3s that you want to jam to, but you don't have time to download and tag them all in your typical audio player. Or, even better, perhaps you've found some old-timey news footage that means a lot to you, or run across an audio documentary that you'd love to save and share with the world.

Not only is Huffduffer like a little Tumblr blog for your favorite bits of audio, but it also allows you to listen to your files (and tag them) via an easy-to-use Web interface. If you're a big fan of Internet audio in all its forms (so long as those forms end in the extension MP3), Huffduffer is an excellent way to increase your general experience with whatever it is you listen to. Yes, even your favorite episodes of the Maximum PC podcast.

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