Web App of the Week: Every Time Zone


To figure out what time it is in a location-that-isn't-yours, you usually have to click through a series of menus in Microsoft Windows' Date and Time screen. And once you're there, you aren't given a very elegant way to select your time zone of choice--heck, Windows 7 doesn't even give you the pretty flat map of the world anymore. You have to pick your time zone, rather boringly, from a small drop-down menu of locations and hour offsets.


The simple Web app called Every Time Zone dishes out the given time in a series of locations via an easy-to-digest, graphical format that works both offline and online. Your local time--generated from your system's originating IP address--is displayed with a bright green bar. Subsequent times and dates are generated above and below this bar. You can't add new locations yet, unfortunately, but you can get a general sense of the more popular geographical locations and their respective times compared to yours. As well, the bars are colored to indicate what day you're actually on.

Dragging your "local time" indicator to the right and left allows you to calculate the time for these locations based on, well, any time of day you want. And that's it. Every Time Zone isn't the next big killer Web app, but it does present a nice little graphical way for figuring out the time that you just don't get in Windows 7 anymore. This app's in beta too, so keep your eye on Every Time Zone--the developers might add some awesome new features in the future to truly make this an excellent addition to your browser's "neat Web tricks" folder of favorite sites.

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