7 Pieces of Wearable Computing



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At what point can we call the Oculus Rift a vaporware product? I'm really looking forward to it's release, and game support list, but it's been a few years in the making since conception and there is nothing that can be sold to consumers.

Get the latency down to less than 5-miliseconds, throw some laterally-bent Galaxy Round screens in that headset and roll it out already.

I don't know where they are getting the funding to keep going but if there's not a viable product soon the whole concept will be taken over by Apple, Microsoft or Valve and gamers will only see a limited compatibility roll out if any at all.

Wearable tech needs quite a few more advancements. Google glass and products more advanced than that are certainly the future. Overlay augmented reality is going to happen eventually, but right now it's a rich person's toy.



For gaming purposes, Oculus Rift is much, much better than Google glass.
An image on transparent glass will eventually cause abnormal sight alignment and/or a some sort of syndrome, which makes the eyes to squint perpetually.



Optional LCD layer in front of the OLED (far side of the eye) that can black out and create a virtual back drop. Other interesting, uses being that it could also change the refractive index of the glasses so that they could be used to magnify text that you're reading or help you see further away.



Galaxy Gear?