We Want to Touch Lenovo's Thinkpad X200 Tablet


Lenovo's X200 tablet appears to bring the whole package. The sex appeal becomes evident at first glance, and it's hard not to want to run your fingers down all 12.1 inches of its touchscreen (damn you, Freud!). But not all the beauty is on the outside, and the X200 sports some pretty respectable specs.

At just 3.5 pounds, the customizable tablet accepts Core 2 Duo processors up to 1.86GHz with up to 4GB of RAM. Optional upgrades include a 128GB SSD, WiMax, integrated webcam, noise canceling mic, and thumbprint reader. Throw the tablet on the optional UltraBase port and the integrated Intel GMA4500 will output 1080P HD content through the DisplayPort.

Lenovo claims just over 4 hours with the standard 4-cell battery, or 10 hours with the 8-cell upgrade.

Anyone else turned on by this tablet?

Image Credit: Lenovo

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