We Love the Weighted Companion Cube Case, Not Sure If It Loves Us Back

Nathan Edwards

Scott Dacus is such a big fan of Portal his ringtone is the game’s theme song, “Still Alive.” However, an even bigger fan of the game commissioned Scott to build this case as a gift for his wife. We think this man is a genius or headed for divorce court—either way, he’s our new hero!

The Weighted Companion Cube took about 60 hours to complete, and Scott says he didn’t face any major problems during the build. For his next rig, he plans to work on a grander scale—re-creating an IBM mainframe, with operational tape-to-tape reels!

The Weighted Companion Cube sports all the ports a media center PC needs­—the only thing it can’t do is offer you delicious cake!

Although we’d never recommend this, the Blu-ray drive is held in place with four refrigerator magnets­—with no apparent adverse effects to the rig.

For submitting this month’s winning entry, Scott has won a $250 gift certificate!

For another take on a Weighted Companion Cube mod, check out Magnus Persson's Weighted Companion PC over at Mod Shop .

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