Watch The Nexus One Get "Shock" Tested

Justin Kerr

The Nexus One's sleek design seems to scream quality from almost every angle, but if you still need some convincing you should check out Google's Nexus One video series documenting the design and testing process. The videos break down how the OLED screen works, why 3D acceleration is so important, and perhaps most interesting of all, how hard it is to actually destroy it.

The third video in the series dubbed simply as "testing" shows the phone being pressed, dropped, smashed, crushed, and mauled so horribly that its border line gadget abuse. Either way it should certainly give those who own, or are thinking about purchasing the Nexus One the warm and fuzzy feeling that it has been built to last.

Check out the video below, its pretty impressive. If you baby your gadgets as much as I do however, it might make you squirm a bit.

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