The Washington Post Says Syrian Electronic Army is Responsible for Website Hack

Paul Lilly

Syrian Electronic Army continues its hacking rampage

The latest news outlet to fall victim to hack attacks by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is The Washington Post , which earlier today posted a short message confirming a security breach that redirected readers of certain stories to the SEA's website. The Washington Post didn't say which specific stories were affected by the breach, adding that it's working to resolve the issue. Since then, more information has been made available.

In a separate article, The Washington Post divulged a few more details about the SEA and its shenanigans, noting that earlier this week the Twitter account of one of its journalists was compromised as part of a larger attacked aimed at social media management group SocialFlow. Later on, there was another attack on content recommendation service Outbrain that caused some of The Washington Post's stories to redirect to the SEA homepage.

So, what's going on? According to The Washington Post , the SEA is a band of hackers who support embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The group was formed in April 2011 during the rise of anti-regime protests in Syria. Apparently the SEA must not like how things are being reported, though The Washington Post hasn't been the only target. According to Bloomberg , the SEA has also hacked the Financial Times and ITV, the latter of which is the biggest commercial TV station in the U.K.

"The group targets both dissidents within Syria and 'sympathizers' outside the country. But that 'sympathizer' label appears to be applied to anyone who talks about the Syrian conflict in almost any context without expressly endorsing the Assad regime," The Washington Post reports.

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