Warner Bros Offering Made-to-order DVDs from Its Film Archive

Pulkit Chandna

The economy is tanking and so is the market for film DVDs. All slumps warrant that businesses make the most of their resources. Warner Bros has resolved to do exactly that: it is going to milk old movie titles in its archive for some extra cash . The film studio has begun selling 150 old movies as part of its new DVD-on-demand service. Movie buffs can choose between made-to-order DVDs and digital downloads.

It plans to add 20 movies and TV shows to its DVD-on-demand service every month. The new service will let Warner Bros squeeze some extra cash from its film archive without having to worry about the demand. As DVDs will only be produced when demanded, there is no risk of superfluous production.

Each made-to-order DVD will set you back by $19.95 (exclusive of shipping charges). If you have altogether abolished the old-fashioned habit of purchasing DVDs, you can download these movies for $15 per title.

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