Want to Build a Death Ray?


Anyone that likes to blow things up, dissolve it in acid, or make death rays to burn things to ashes, has to like Mythbusters. They take all those dreary science principles and turn them into something destructive and interesting, all while trying to answer that nagging question…”is it possible”? What geek wouldn’t like that stuff?

It seems your chance may be here if you are interested in helping the Mythbusters attempt to re-bust a myth that they have tried before. They are going to make attempt number three on the Archimedes Death Ray myth. Basically the myth is that the Greek army defended themselves from invading Roman ships by using 300 soldiers with mirrored shields to focus the sun's rays on the invading ships so they could set them on fire and stop the invaders before they even land. Any kid that played with a magnifying glass can appreciate the sort of fun Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage can create with that myth.

So if standing in the hot sun all day, holding a mirror, somewhere in southern California for a MythBusters T-shirt, a signed autograph card and maybe a group photo with Jamie and Adam sounds like fun, head over to Makezine.com to check out the details to try and sign up. I’m going to take a pass on that one and catch it from the cool comfort of my living room.

(Image Credit: discovery.com)

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