Walmart Pulls Plug on MP3 Store, Did You Know It Had One?

Paul Lilly

Hey, guess what? Walmart has an MP3 store! Some of you already know that, and for others, you're just now finding out. There's a good chance the latter outnumbers the former, which would help explain why Walmart is closing its MP3 store by the end of the month. Or maybe music listeners were just too settled with iTunes, Amazon, and other music marts to pluck MP3s from Wally World.

Walmart's original strategy in the MP3 arena was to undercut iTunes' pricing and sell songs at $0.88 per track when it launched in late 2003, 11 cents cheaper than iTunes at the time, The New York Times explains . Prices have gone up on both sides, but it's still generally cheaper to buy an MP3 from Walmart than it is through iTunes. So why shut the service down? Good question, and here's your coyly penned answer.

"We recently notified our music partners that we've made a business decision to no longer offer MP3 digital tracks as of August 29, 2011," Walmart said in a statement.

NYT pinged Walmart for further clarification and was given the cold shoulder in return.

Where do you buy your MP3s from?

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