Walmart Improves its Digital Music Store with DRM-Free Tracks, Lower Prices

Maximum PC Staff

Though Walmart’s transition to a 100% DRM-free, MP3 music store hasn’t been without some growing pains , it appears the company is dedicated to growing its share of the digital music market, as it has announced several aggressive marketing maneuvers for its "new and improved" music store.

The re-launched music store will offer top-25 tracks for $0.74 each, less than the standard 94 cents per track. They’re also offering a free track every week from lesser-known artists and albums. Every physical or digital CD sold by Walmart will include a waver for a free digital track of the customer’s choice. Additionally, the retail giant is offering exclusive “Soundcheck” content, including performances by acts like Nickelback and Beyonce.

Walmart is also touting integration with social networking sites, and a reworked music search engine. With 3 million tracks available right now and growing, it seems like Walmart is looking to take back its title as the nation’s biggest music-seller.

What are your thoughts on the Walmart online music store? How does it measure up to the iTunes store? Let us know after the jump.

Image Credit: Walmart

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