Wall Street Journal Pricing Favors Kindle over iPad


Would you be willing to pay $17.99 a month for a digital subscription to The Wall Street Journal? That's how much the newspaper is going to run on Apple's upcoming iPad, which is a little bit more than Kindle owners have to pay ($14.99 a month).

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch apparently got the memo that Apple product owners are willing to pay more (zing!), but the question is whether or not the subscription is overpriced. The Wall Street Journal isn't the only U.S. media outlet developing an application for the iPad, and it will be interesting to see what others try to charge

Advertisers are already jumping on board the iPad frenzy, too. According to The New York Times, advertisers have been spending big bucks to buy ad space on the iPad applications from different media outlets (Times included). Chase Sapphire in particular has bought 60 days worth of advertising from the Times, the paper reports.

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