Waiting on a CD


I recently moved my Windows XP partition to a new hard drive using Partition Magic 8. After this, the computer hangs at the Boot from CD prompt. I then installed Windows 7 RC on another partition. It still hangs at the Boot from CD prompt unless I put a bootable disk in the drive and let the timer expire. Then it will boot into Windows 7.

Partition Magic says that my Windows XP install partition is healthy (active, primary partition) and my Windows 7 partition lists healthy (boot, page file, crash dump, primary partition).

—Levi Harp

If you’re stuck on the Boot from CD prompt, your best bet is to give the disk you want to boot from a higher priority than your optical drive. Go into your BIOS (by pressing Del or F10 at startup, depending on your BIOS manufacturer) and set the boot order so that whichever device you want to boot from—that is, whichever hard drive has your master boot record on it—is first on the list. Assuming nothing’s changed in your system, Windows 7 will write the code it uses to boot in the active partition on the first hard drive in your boot order. You can set the CD-ROM drive to boot first next time you need to boot from a CD.

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