Voodoo PC Founder Rahul Sood Calls it Quits

Paul Lilly

Back before bulk OEMs made a made dash to scoop up boutique builders of high end gaming PCs, Voodoo PC stood as one of the elite. Rahul Sood, the man responsible for Voodoo PC, stayed on board when Hewlett-Packard acquired the company in 2006 and served as CTO of Global Gaming for HP. The ride is finally over.

"It is with mixed emotions that I have decided to resign from my position as the CTO of Global Gaming for Hewlett-Packard, my last day will be December 1, 2010," Rahul Sood digitally penned in what he describes as the most difficult letter he's ever written. "I've struggled with this decision for many months. I have effectively been employed with one job for 20+ years (Voodoo+HP) so it is the most difficult move that I have ever made in my life."

Sood, who has the Voodoo logo tattooed on his leg, didn't say why he's choosing to step down, instead heaping on the praise to those "who had a direct impact" on him over the years, including shout-outs to several Maximum PC stalwarts, including Jon Philips and rant-master Gordon Mah Ung.

"Voodoo was once a small company out of Calgary Canada, a city known for its oil and gas and certainly not for technology," Sood said. "I remember our first blockbuster review in Maximum PC; we were awarded a Perfect 10 'Kick-Ass.'"

So do we (page 76).

Going forward, it's anyone's guess what Sood will get his hands into next, who said only that he "can't wait to be directly involved in a product pipeline again."

Read the entire letter here .

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