Voodoo Envy Comes Dressed to Impress


Buyers who can't wait to unbox their swank Envy 133 notebook might find themselves taking pause for the occasion. And to ensure they do, Voodoo's Raul Sood plans to give the high-end laptop the white-glove treatment. Inside the box (which Sood likens to one you'd get from shopping at a Tiffany & Co.) the Envy will come wrapped in a microfiber polish sleeve stamped with the company's logo. Underneath, an assortment of accessories includes:

  • Voodoo Aura power connect with an additional removable cable (should the original fray over time)
  • HDMI to VGA Presentation Adapter
  • ESata optical drive with hideaway cable

Sood also includes a few more close-up shots of the carbon fiber Envy in his package-pimping blog , which show a pre-production engineering sample. Shipping Envys will trade the red logo for one in silver and chrome. You can order one now , and if HP Live Chat operator iCrzyMonkey isn't flinging poo, expect it to ship in August, bodacious box and all.

Image Credit: Raul Sood

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