VMware's SpringSource to Acquire Gemstone Systems

Paul Lilly

VMware's SpringSource division, which focuses on Java application infrastructure and management, will acquire GemStone Systems, a privately held provider of enterprise data management solutions, VMware announced on Thursday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"Data management technologies are fundamental to the creation of applications, and with the rise of virtualization and cloud computing, the manner in which applications need to access data is evolving," said Rod Johnson, general manager of the SpringSource division of VMware. "Cloud computing is a distributed deployment model, and for that reason, caching and data accessibility are of far greater strategic importance than before. We are acquiring and will integrate into the SpringSource portfolio a well-regarded set of high performing data management solutions with GemStone."

The acquisition brings a set of technologies and expertise in scaling databases to VMware's stable. SpringSource said it will continue to fully support GemStone's product line as well as all of GemStone's customers

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