VLC for Android Coming Within Weeks

Pulkit Chandna

The arrival of an Android version of the hugely popular VLC media player has always seemed more like a question of when rather than if, especially ever since the open source player hit the App Store in September. According to lead VLC developer Jean-Baptiste Kempf, it is now just a “matter of weeks” before an Android version of VLC becomes available.

Kempf told GigaOm that VLC for Android has been in development for months now, but the team was initially hindered by the fact that Android’s multimedia output libraries are in Java. However, the recent release of an updated Android NDK has made life a lot better for the VLC team as it is now a lot easier to use native code for apps.

While most VLC libraries have been ported to Android, the developers are now working hard to ensure optimum compatibility across the largely incongruous Android ecosystem.

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