Vizio's Spring Refresh Brings Touch Support to Premium PC Line

Paul Lilly

Yes, we used "Vizio" and "premium" in the same sentence.

Who would have thought that Vizio would make a splash in the PC market, and do so at a time when tablets and smartphones are all the rage? Vizio made its move into PC territory last June by introducing a line of all-in-one systems and Ultrabooks with unibody designs similar in style to Apple's MacBook Air (but at a fraction of the cost), and now it's refreshing its lineup with upgraded features, including touchscreen panels for Windows 8.

"To help Vizio PC users unlock the ideal interactive Windows 8 experience, we have integrated touchscreen functionality across our entire spring PC line-up," said Matt McRae , Chief Technology Officer, Vizio. "With the launch of the new Touch PCs, we look forward to delivering enhanced performance and entertainment options to new Vizio consumers."

There are several PCs to choose from starting at $1,090 for a 14-inch Touch Thin + Light (CT14T-B0) notebook with an AMD A10 APU foundation, essentially an AMD version of an Ultrabook. There's also an Intel version (CT14T-B1) that runs $1,420, along with 15.6-inch models with AMD ($1,190, CT15T-B0) or Intel ($1,470, CT15T-B1) inside.

Vizio's also launching three all-in-one PCs, including a pair of 24-inch models -- CA24T-BO (AMD, $1,280) and CA24T-B1 (Intel, $1,440) -- and a 27-inch SKU (CA27T-B1) with Intel inside for $1,550.

Select systems are available to pre-order now on Vizio's website, while the 15.6-inch Touch Thin + Light (CT15T-B1) and 24-inch Touch All-in-One (CA24T-B0) are available at

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