Vizio Getting into the Tablet Game with Help from Foxconn

Paul Lilly

Foxconn, the same company that builds Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad products, has been contracted to manufacture smartphones and tablets for Vizio, according to DigiTimes .

Vizio's entry into both of these categories bodes well for U.S. consumers, as Vizio will look to aggressively undercut the competition's pricing, particularly Apple. Along with more than 45 other vendors jumping into the tablet fray, DigiTimes says a price war is likely to erupt, much like we recently saw in the eBook reader market.

Vizio plans to show off its 4-inch "Via Phone" smartphone this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), as well as its 8-inch "Via Tablet" slate. According to reports, the Via Tablet will run Android and include Wi-Fi connectivity, though it's unclear if 3G will also be part of the feature-set.

Image Credit: Vizio

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