Vivid Entertainment Unveils First Adult Channel For Google TV

Brad Chacos

Google TV’s name says it all: it’s Google’s attempt to merge TV, Internet videos and apps in one convenient set-top box. For the most part, the merging of Internet and TV has meant users can stream TV shows and movies in a TV-like way, or launch apps and surf the web in a more Internet-like way. Now, one third-party provider is truly merging the soul of the Internet with the convenience of television; Vivid Entertainment, the top adult film studio around, has announced that it’s launching “the first TV app designed to make sexually explicit content available through the new Google TV set top device.” In HD, nonetheless.

In order to use the app, you’ll need to already be a (Biiiiiiiiig NSFW warning) subscriber. Vivid co-founder and co-chairman Stephen Hirsch says that the launching of the Vivid Google TV channel is “a central part” in the company’s desire to get you your kicks on virtually any type of electronic device with Internet capabilities. He also says the creation of the channel took a lot of legwork. “"We spent more than a year developing a code base for a robust, standalone Internet-TV channel with a friendly interface for the consumer that can be used with the current Google TV technology and other Internet protocol presentation methods now in development,” he says in Vivid’s press release (again, Biiiiiiiiig NSFW, as it includes a video demo of the service).

As TechCrunch’s Robin Wauters points out , don’t expect to find this app on Android Market; you’ll probably need to get it direct from Vivid itself. We never thought we’d say it, but porn might very well be an, ahem, interesting way for Google TV to differentiate itself from Apple TV and other rivals. Chrome's Porn -- um, "Incognito" -- mode was just the beginning!

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