Visual Studio LightSwitch: A Rapid Development Tool for Non-Programmers


Microsoft has announced a drag-and-drop, visual programming tool called Visual Studio LightSwitch. A stand alone product to begin with, the latest member of the Visual Studio family will eventually be available in future versions of Visual Studio. The tool is meant to enable business users to rapidly develop and deploy business applications regardless of the development skills or programming know-how at their disposal.

If you are not conversant with Visual Basic or C#, you can simply trust your ability to dabble with pre-built templates and tools to yield scalable business applications. According to Dave Mendlen, senior director of developer marketing at Microsoft, LightSwitch users are free to “use as much or as little code as they want.” As the applications are all Silverlight based, they can run on the end-user's desktop, inside a browser, or in the cloud with ample ease. MS plans to release a beta on August 23 , with the final version expected sometime next year.

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