Vista SP2 RC Released for Testing


If you're on the Microsoft Connect testing list for Windows Vista SP2 or Windows Server 2008 SP2, Redmond has just rung the "come and get it" bell - SP2 RC (the same package upgrades both Vista SP1 and Windows Server) was released to MS Connect testers yesterday, Ars Technica reports .

So, what's special about SP2 RC? Some highlights include:

  • Support for VIA's 64-bit CPU
  • Integration of the Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless, including support for Bluetooth 2.1
  • Support for writing to Blu-ray media
  • Integration of Windows Search 4.0
  • Better and more secure installation experience
  • Over 690 hotfixes

If you're not among the fortunate few testing Vista SP2 RC, what should you be doing until you can try it? For those of us not on the MS Connect testing list who have pre-SP1 Vista media, here's a good way to occupy your time: use VLite to create a slipstream DVD that incorporates Vista and Vista SP1 . Because of the cumulative size of SP1, SP2 will not include SP1, so SP1 must be installed first.

How does Vista SP2 RC compare to Vista SP1? See the Tweaktown review , or, if you've had a chance to try Vista SP2 RC yourself, hit Comment and give us your review.

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