Vista SP Freeing Up Big Disk Space For Some

Maximum PC Staff

Just last week Microsoft released SP2 for Windows Vista, and it would appear that many users of the update have noticed some massive changes in their free disk space.

Now, when I say ‘massive changes’ I’m not just talking about 500MB here or there, but there have been reported cases of people freeing 40GB and more. One user wrote on PC World ’s forums , “Wow! I didn't notice that til now. I went from about 88GB free to 122GB free. That's a significant change 'under the hood,' isn't it?” The biggest recorded case was another user that managed to regain 130GB.

Vista SP2 includes a command-line cleanup tool (compcln.exe) that is used to remove older system files and restore points, therefore freeing up space. Many think that the SP2 installer automatically runs this, but there’s been no official confirmation from Microsoft.

Have you installed SP2, and if so, have you regained any of your hard drive space? If so, let us know!

Image Credit: Microsoft

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