Virident Announces Super Fast TackIOn PCI-E SSD for Enterprise

Paul Lilly

If you're strictly a home user, you've probably never heard of a Virident, which specializes in enterprise-class storage solutions, particularly solid state drives. The company's newest SSD, called "tachIOn," is one such product. The tackIOn takes advantage of the PCI-E interface to deliver sustained performance of up to 300,000 I/O operations per second (IOPS) with a 4KB block size on mixed read and write workloads. This, Virident says, is several times faster than competing PCI-E based SSDs.

"All our tests have shown that tachIOn not only delivers superior performance, two to three times more than other PCI-E SSD products, but also is able to sustain this performance advantage under extreme workloads," said Vadim Tkachenko , CTO of Percona Inc. "

Virident is pitching the tackIOn as ideally suited for data-intensive workloads such as databases, business analytics, simulation, visualization, and high-performance computing.

The tackIOn utilizes a low-profile PCI-E compliant form factor and was engineered with a modular design that Virident claims can be deployed in all industry standard servers.

Image Credit: Virident

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