Virgin Mobile to ISPs: Stop the Broadband Con!

Paul Lilly

In an attempt to rally up the troops (and no doubt generate some marketing buzz), Virgin Mobile today issued a call to consumers far and wide to "demand an end to misleading broadband advertising." According to the self-anointed savior of broadband, Virgin claims that many ISPs advertise speeds of up to 20Mbps or 24Mbps but only deliver an average speed of 6.5Mbps.

"People are paying for superfast broadband but receiving a service stuck in the slow lane. Broadband providers need to stop advertising speeds that not a single customer can receive and we’re asking people to support our call for change by signing up to ," said Jon James, executive director of broadband, Virgin Media. "Faster broadband means better broadband, whether you’re surfing the Web, watching TV online or downloading music and UK consumers deserve superfast broadband they can trust, rather than having to rely on the fairy tales and broken promises of current broadband advertising."

The new website launches today and includes plenty of propaganda, a petition, and a link to to see if you're getting the broadband speed you're paying for.

So what about Virgin Mobile? Are they providing the broadband speeds they advertise, or is Virgin being a hypocrite here? We'll warn you to consider the source, but according to Virgin, subscribers are generally getting what they pay for. You can view the typical speeds at least 66 percent of Virgin subscribers are getting compared to the service tier they're paying for here .

Are you getting the broadband speed you pay for? Let us know in the comments section below!

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