Virgin Media Makes Push for Faster Broadband

Paul Lilly

UK residents can look forward to souped up broadband speeds by the end of the year, assuming Virgin Media makes good on its promise to deliver the required hardware .

According to Jon James, Virgin Media's director of broadband, his company plans to release a modem and router capable of handling speeds of up to 400Mbps by year's end, putting the ISP in position to deliver 100Mbps service in the near-term.

"We want to be ready for the evolution of network speeds in the coming years as we roll out ever-improving services," James said.

Virgin Media already has about 70,000 subscribers on its 50Mbps service, the fastest tier currently offered by the ISP. It wasn't that long ago, however, that Virgin Media promised 100Mbps service before the end of 2010, and the company has already trialled 200Mbps service.

At 100Mbps, Virgin Media says Internet users would be able to download a music album in just 5 seconds, an hour-long show in 21 seconds, and an HD movie in a little under 7.5 minutes.

Image Credit: Virgin Media

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