Viral Video of School Bus Monitor Prompts Investigation, Outpouring of Support

Paul Lilly

Fair warning if you woke up in an exceptionally good mood today and don't want anything to ruin it. Stop reading right here, right now. Seriously. I'm even tossing in a throwaway sentence to give your brain a chance to communicate with your eyeballs to divert your attention elsewhere ( here's a fine piece on the science behind Nigerian scams). Still reading? You were warned.

One of the latest videos to go viral on YouTube shows a group of middle school kids relentlessly taunting and verbally abusing Karen Klein, a 68-year-old school bus monitor who tries her best to ignore the insults but is ultimately driven to tears. It gets worse (and better).

The middle school kids make fun of her weight, threaten to defecate on her property (and other places not fit to repeat), tease her income level, they poke and prod her, talk about stabbing her, and at one point, joked her family should kill themselves, a taunt that hit too close to home considering her oldest son committed suicide a decade ago.

"Live with integrity," is one of the few verbal responses Klein offered the children.

It's infuriating, and isn't anything I'd normally post on Maximum PC, but there are a couple of silver linings surrounding the unfortunate incident. First, thanks to the age of the Internet (and an idiotic decision to post the video on YouTube), Greece Central School District and local police are now investigating what took place on the bus, NYDailyNews reports .

Secondly, the Internet proves that good still trumps evil, as there's been a vacation fund setup at The initial goal was to raise $5,000 so that Klein could take some well deserved time off and go on "a vacation of a lifetime!," and with 30 days remaining, it has already raised a whopping $154,000.

You can watch the horrific and NSFW video here , and if you feel compelled to donate to Klein's vacation fund, you can do so here .

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