Vimeo Takes Fight to YouTube with "Couch Mode"

Ryan Whitwam

Video streaming site Vimeo has just launched a new interface geared toward viewing on a big screen. The idea is reminiscent of YouTube's Lean Back interface. Vimeo is calling their version Couch Mode , and it seems like a natural for use on Google TV. The full screen player has big buttons and simple navigation giving access to playlists.

Users can easily access content from their HTPC or Google TV by filtering for HD or staff picks, among other options. There is also integration with Vimeo's handy Watch Later feature so users can easily tag a video for viewing later. Anyone can check out the interface by pointing a web browser to . The site uses HTML5 and seems to require H.264 support. So it worked find in Chrome, but not so much in Firefox. Let us know what you think.

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